Hibernate のバックアップの現在との差分(No.3)



  --fixed Quickstart/readme.txt instructions
  --fixed DB2/400 identity column support
  --fixed the scroll() query method
  --fixed exotic classloader problems with CGLIB
  --added insert="false" for discriminator columns which are part of a composite identifier
  --added several new configuration settings to JMX HibernateService
  --added new instantiate() method to SessionFactory.getClassMetadata()
  --improved the HSQL DB dialect with features from new version

  --fixed erroneous association access when calling saveOrUpdateCopy() (David Wright)
  --fixed JCA handling of the JDBC connection (Attila Lendvai)
  --fixed ordering of selected columns in fetching code (for Oracle)
  --fixed a bug in Criteria.setLockMode()
  --fixed a minor bug where refresh() caused a CGLIB exception if a proxy interface was enabled (George Svarovsky)
  --fixed a minor bug where Interceptor.onLoad() received empty collections after cache lookups (Mark Rohan)
  --fixed a null pointer when setting null parameters without a type
  --fixed result pagination (setFirst/MaxResult) on Oracle 8.1.x (Aeros Lau)
  --fixed generation of LONG/RAW columns on Oracle9 (Brett Lawrence)
  --fixed a minor issue with SchemaExport on latest MySQL versions (Koen Janssens)
  --fixed a minor bug in Ingres dialect (Brad Beck)
  --fixed DBCP configuration property parsing to avoid NullPointerException (Henning Schmiedehausen)
  --fixed subclassing of CollectionPersister (Kelley Stover)
  --fixed automatic ID generation for collection-id generators (Thompson Marzagao)
  --fixed JBoss deployment issues by moving JBoss hibernate-service.xml to etc/ directory
  --fixed documentation example of HibernateUtil class (Christian Bauer)
  --improved serialization of object graphs with javax.beans.XMLEncoder (Alexander Thomas)
  --improved configuration loading for Proxool (use "file:" or classloader resource loading), see HB-1048 (Aleksei Gopachenko)
  --improved QueryCache interface, now pluggable via hibernate.cache.query_cache_factory (Steve Ebersole)
  --improved scroll() query method, now the entire entity is populated from the initial result set (Steve Ebersole)
  --improved XML serialization/deserialization for binary and timestamp types (Stefano Travelli)
  --added support for enabling batching of versioned data (configurable)
  --added cache region property to JMX MBean interface (Arnaud Barbe)
  --added 'distinct' as allowed keyword in metadata declared SQL
  --added setForceCacheRefresh() on Query for fine-grained eviction without individual cache regions (Shamir Karkal)
  --added support for sequences on Informix
  --added support for identity columns on DB2/400 (Andre Oosthuizen)
  --added EhCache provider to Hibernate distribution, use net.sf.hibernate.cache.EhCacheProvider (Emmanuel Bernard)
  --added TransactionManagerLookup for Borland Enterprise Server (Etienne Hardy)
  --added support for index attribute on <property/>, <many-to-one/>, and <any/> elements
  --updated EHCache to version 0.9
  --updated commons libraries with compatibility for commons-collections 3.0
  --updated to JBossCache 1.02 and JGroups 2.2.3, didn't test SwarmCache


  DB2,FrontBase,HSQLDB,informix,interbase,MS SQL server,MySQL, Oracle,Pointbase,PostgreSQL,Sybase etc.


  -[[Working with Hibernate in Eclipse:]]


   package test;
   import java.util.List;
   import java.util.Properties;
   import net.sf.hibernate.Hibernate;
   import net.sf.hibernate.HibernateException;
   import net.sf.hibernate.Session;
   import net.sf.hibernate.Transaction;
   import net.sf.hibernate.cfg.Configuration;
   import net.sf.hibernate.expression.Expression;
   public class SampleMain {
       public static void main(String[] args) {
           Configuration cfg = null;
           Session session = null;
           Transaction transaction = null;
           Properties props = new Properties();
           try {
               cfg = new Configuration().addClass(Person.class).addProperties(props);
               session = cfg.buildSessionFactory().openSession();
               transaction = session.beginTransaction();
               Person person = new Person();


               Long id = (Long);

               Person load = (Person) session.load(Person.class, id);


               List list = session.find("from Person where id=?", id, Hibernate.LONG);
               List list2 =

               List list2 =
                   session.createCriteria(Person.class).add(Expression.eq("id", id)).list();


               list = session.find("from Person");

           } catch (Exception e) {
               try {
                   if (transaction != null)
               } catch (Exception e1) {
           } finally {
               try {
                   if (session != null && session.isOpen())
               } catch (HibernateException e1) {

   <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
   <!DOCTYPE hibernate-mapping PUBLIC "-//Hibernate/Hibernate Mapping DTD 2.0//EN"
     <class name="test.Person" table="PERSON">
       <id name="id" column="ID" type="long">
         <generator class="native"/>
       <property name="name" column="NAME" type="string" length="20" not-null="true"/>

   Person load = (Person) session.load(Person.class, id, LockMode.UPGRADE);
   List list2 = session.createCriteria(Person.class)
                       .add(Expression.eq("id", id))
  #amazonkey2(JAVA DB)

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